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About Us

“Sustainable Garden, Sustainable Life”

Born in the spring of 2013, Pacific Ecoscapes enters the Victoria gardening and landscaping market with change in mind. It is our dream to shift the mindset of our current gardening and landscaping systems to more sustainable and organic practices. From hardscaping to softscaping, bricks that allow for water infiltration and plants that increase water infiltration, plants that provide food and walkways that are food. We can do it all at Pacific Ecoscapes so allow your mind to run wild and your dreams to come true. Along with our hopes for local environmental sustainability and goals to create a healthy and self-sufficient community, we hope to implement permaculture based home food systems that produce local food, from local gardens, for local communities. Let us help you in designing a garden that will help you and your people live a more sustainable life.

Sammy Kent is the owner of Pacific Ecoscapes, all ecoscapes developed, the heart and soul of the company, environmental concern, and creative inspiration are extensions of Sammy himself. Originally from Whitehorse, Yukon, Sammy grew up in a family of gardeners that worked to beautify the northern city. Being an alpine ski racer offered Sammy many opportunities to travel around the world for school, sport and play. For a few years, Sammy lived in Calgary, Alberta where he had the wonderful opportunity and experience to work with Treva Usher of Prairie Outpost Garden Design. Treva offered Sammy many opportunites to grow his skill base in the landscaping industry and as a site supervisor, he gained valuable experience with managing a landscape crew and directing a job from start to finish. Sammy has worked with other landscapers in the Victoria area but is currently very excited about beginning a new project, one that will be his own, Pacific Ecoscapes is this venture and you can trust your garden to be in safe hands with Pacific Ecoscapes.

With the knowledge and skill set to professionally tend to all your landscape needs Pacific Ecoscapes is prepared to service your Ecoscapes and we are excited about sharing our love for the natural world with Victoria. Whether your garden is big or small, your dreams are elaborate or simplistic, or you want a fresh start from the bottom up, Pacific Ecoscapes is here to serve you.