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Garden Maintenance in Victoria, BC

Pacific Ecoscapes offers complete garden maintenance. We will create a custom maintenance program to fit your garden, budget and environmental needs. The following images are from a Saanich property maintained by Pacific Ecoscapes. The gardens were designed by Lisa May-Phillips of Imagine Gardens.


Gates & Fences

Cedar has been highly respected, loved and used throughout North American history for thousands of years. The straight grain fibres and the natural water repellency and weather resistance has made cedar one of the most used woods in the pacific region. First Nations people had many uses for the entire tree and not only the inner wood core. The stringy inner bark was used for weaving hats, blankets and ground mats while the roots and branches were used for making baskets and rope.

Natural Stone Hardscapes

Nothing connects you to your garden like natural stone work. Let your imagination run wild, we can build what you can dream. (If you would like us to do the imagining, we are very good at that too.)


Retaining Walls

Water Features

The delicate flow of a backyard water feature puts the mind at ease. Let a magical piece of personalized nature add to your garden’s Feng Shui (“wind-water”).



** Area Designed by Treva Usher (Prairie Outpost Garden Design – Calgary, AB)

** Fountain Designed by Sammy Kent

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Are you stuck between needing proper soil retention and retaining the flow of a Natural Landscape? Maybe a Natural Stone Retaining wall is what you need to create a functional property without the Industrial Appearance of concrete wall blocks. The products we use come in many shapes and colours to suit any personality or natural area.