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Gates & Fences

Cedar has been highly respected, loved and used throughout North American history for thousands of years. The straight grain fibres and the natural water repellency and weather resistance has made cedar one of the most used woods in the pacific region. First Nations people had many uses for the entire tree and not only the inner wood core. The stringy inner bark was used for weaving hats, blankets and ground mats while the roots and branches were used for making baskets and rope. The rot-resistant wood is easily split along the straight grains and is used for house building materials, posts and canoes.

Today, the forestry industry has gained control of the harvest and sale of cedar woods but it is still a popular building material for most west coast homes. Cedar shingles make for a natural and weater resistant roof or siding, posts and boards are often used for construction in durable fences that are built to survive in our wet climate. Whatever the application, the Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) has a solution. Did I mention how great cedar smells too?

The following images are work we have done with cedar but please note that we do not only work with cedar, there is a wide variety of durable outdoor use woods to choose for your landscape and also budget conscious woods as well as pressure treated lumber for a mix or durability and frugality.

For artist quality woodworking, we have teamed up with Oliver Scott of Caledonia Silva Woodwork & Design, visit his webpage for more great ideas and to view his quality work @